PortfoLion Regional Private Equity Fund

The PortfoLion Regional Private Equity Fund is pursuing investment opportunities among medium enterprises that operate mostly in Hungary and have at least 3-5 years business history. The fund plans to support companies that have committed management, promising business model, well-established product and client base and are also open for new partners to exploit further market opportunities.

The Fund usually enters the companies through equity raise to support further growth. The Fund typically invests for a period of 3-5 years to achieve outstanding development of the enterprise value during this period. The Fund considers the existing shareholders and the management business partners and typically develops common exit strategy together with them.

The PortfoLion Regional Private Equity Fund currently has HUF 10 billion share capital, the investors of the Fund are OTP Bank Plc. and Eximbank Plc., in a ratio of 50-50%. The Fund plans to invest in companies up to HUF 2 billion. The duration of the Fund is 10 years and the investment period ends in 2018. The Fund does not have any industry preference (real estate is excluded), mostly realizes growth capital, MBO/MBI, buy-out and restructuring transactions.